The typical student, participating in a sports program, spends from 4 to 15 hours practicing weekly. Most of the time, this is not done because they expect to pursue a career in this sport. It is done to maximize their learning potential. Why should a dance student spend any less time studying dance?

In an attempt to develop more great dancers and keep the cost as low as possible, we are offering an exciting array of programs

Our “STAR” program allows a student to add a second class of the same subject for a nominal fee. This will give a student who loves a particular subject a chance to dance more than once a week. It will also help students, in early levels of learning, retain more of their studies.

Our “SILVER” and “GOLD” Packages add even more classes at great savings, and “ELITE” offers the student, wanting to pursue a career in dance, an affordable means to attain that dream.

These programs are priced for individual students and are not included in “Family Rates.”

When taking the GOLD, SILVER and ELITE Packages, there is a requirement of at least 1 ballet class weekly.


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